Sunday, June 14, 2015

Movie Review: Jurassic World 6-14-15

  We, my fiancée and I, enjoyed the experience of Jurassic World, a direct sequel to Jurassic Park. So you throw out II and III, and now await the sequel, which was confirmed after Friday's record setting numbers came in along with the confirmation that Chris Pratt (whom I wanted him to tell his love interest in the movie just one time, "I'm Star Lord, man") was rejoining the cast. Anyway, the effects were top notch, the dinosaurs believable, the story was mostly solid, and except for some plot holes (how exactly did they get the tracking devise from the dead man)? The magic of Steven Spielberg’s production (you could feel his magical hand in this movie) made the excitement more appealing and just plain fun. The two brother dynamic (with the undercurrent and message "that brothers have to stick to together" and the harsh advice concerning younger kids dealing with the effects of their parents lawyering up to "just get over it" because "you will get two birthdays and Christmases, and the younger brother saying he didn't want all those things, helped to humanize the characters). Chris Pratt (whom has signed on for sequels which were announced after Friday's record setting opening day numbers came in) saved the movie in times where it was lagging, and one time I wanted him to tell his love interest, "I'm Star Lord, man, you know STAR LORD"?!?! (said it again, HA HA; did you see what I just did there)? Anyway, it was a fun ride, the effects held up, (when and where did they get that tracking devise from those dead men), the story was mostly solid, and the humor was great. The best scene in the movie was the control room guy going in for the kiss and being denied. That was hilarious. I guess he was the Jeff Goldblum, whom you will next see in Independence Day 2 (please dear Lord let that movie be soooo awesome, as the original still stands up today; except the computer virus part which should not have worked, but did all those years ago AND the future absence of Will Smith; a sad tragedy).    Bottom line: we saw it in 3D (should have went to see in IMAX 3D because that is the only 3D that works). I would say the flying raptor-like dinosaurs DID work well in 3D. The majority of the 3D was what I call "atmospheric", not "in your face" that a movie like "Avatar" did so well. Also, not seeing the movie in IMAX 3D, we missed the exclusive 8 minutes of "Ant Man". Oh well, that will get leaked online, if it isn't already. So, go see the movie, get your popcorn, and prepared to be mildly or maybe close to completely thrilled for about two and a half hours (of course one of my tickets was free along with the popcorn bucket; so total score for me I must say). Jurassic World, I cannot wait for the sequel, was about as good as it could be and I feel it lived up to the original, mostly.  
  (This review was written by Ed Ciucevich aka "SavageTechman").

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