Sunday, September 7, 2014


So, we like to talk. And write. And ramble. This blog is one quadrant in our galactic empire that is the new Geek Homeworld. Born amidst the dying embers of the Digital Man Cave Podcast, Geek Homeworld is the lovechild of a Star Wars geek and a Star Trek trekker who both enjoy the Marvel Universe and great action/adventure.

The new Geek Homeworld podcast will focus primarily on tv and movie depictions of sci fi, superheroes, action, and adventure with the same sometimes silly, sometimes snarky, and occasionally insightful views you came to expect from the Digital Man Cave but in a tighter, more focused, 20ish-minute show. Plus, we are adding many more opportunities to interact with us. We'll announce our topics in advance so you can share your ideas via this blog, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and our new Mixlr chatroom. We might even ask you to call in while we are recording. This is a community.

More than anything we want you to make yourself at home on the Geek Homeworld.

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