Monday, February 29, 2016

Star Trek Doctors: Where are they now?


Listen to Episode 27: Doctor Doctor for more about this and Doctor Who.

For both of Dr. Beverly Crusher and Dr. Katherine Pulaski it is worth noting that neither took on a roll anywhere near as important in the series is there mail predecessor Dr McCoy who was certainly one of three main characters both on the original series and the early films. Also these are the only women doctors featured in Star Trek with recurring roles. That the first doctor was a man is not at all surprising considering that the show was filmed in the 1960's and despite many of the social and cultural barriers that it addressed, the women on the show or not given roles of importance, they were highly sexualized in most episodes and frequently subject to the advances of Captain Kirk who was always a rascal and continues to be so even in the rebooted film franchise.  Even as groundbreaking as the character of Uhuru was as an African American, she still was subjected to gender stereotypes. dr. McCoy was played by a fellow Georgian DeForest Kelley who was born in North Georgia and he was somewhat of a celebrity in my state throughout his life. His career was certainly defined x Star Trek but in his personal life he was held for his compassion for animals and renowned for his role with the North Shore Animal League. Also noteworthy is that unlike so many Hollywood stars he had an enduring marriage remaining with the same woman for over 50 years until his own death at the age of 79 in 1999.

On Star Trek Voyager the doctor was an emergency medical hologram but still mail and portrayed by Robert Picardo who also has a geek credibility for his roles on the Stargate franchise And the animated Justice League. He has one of the most prolific careers I'm on any actors from any of the Star Trek franchise is appearing literally in dozens of films and television shows. His recent projects include the pilot episode 4 Star Trek renegades which was shot last year and he plays the rabbi in the current feature film release Hail Caesar.

The doctor on Deep Space nine Dr Julian Bashir is a genius and we discover through the course of the series that this is because he was subject to genetic engineering The fact that was discovered by Robert Picardo doctor who was making a guest appearance on ds9. The sheer was played by Alexander siddig Or as he was sometimes credited Siddig El Fadil.   the actor who is originally from Sudan End is of mixed Sudanese and British ancestry actually has an incredibly long name which is Siddig el tahir el fadil el siddig abdurrahman Mohammed ahmed abdul karim el mahdi. Maybe his parents could not settle on one name so they just chose every name in the baby name book. Just kidding. Alexander also has a lot of screen credits among these R the role of Doran Martell on Game of Thrones and different roles in the Doctor Who audio plays. He appeared in a few very big thumbs although in limited roles. These include kingdom of heaven, serianna, and the 2010 stinker remake Clash of the Titans starring Liam Neeson. During the filming of Deep Space nine Alexander had a romance and married his co-star Nana visitor who portrayed Kira Nerys, her pregnancy with their child was written into the show Although her character remained pregnant after she had already given birth. The story line on the show had her becoming the surrogate mother 4 miles and Keiko O'Brien's second child.

In the prequel series enterprise the doctor is an alien  named phlox,  but still a male Played by actor John Billingsley. Billingsley guests stars in a number of television shows including several geeky programs like x-files And True Blood. even plays a Trekkie on an episode of Stargate Sg1 his credits include cold case, Six Feet Under, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Hawaii Five O, The Mentalist, leverage, really it's surprising that you don't see him anytime you turn on the television.

At the end of it all, dr. McCoy is probably the most popular of all The Star Trek doctors and arguably Beverly Crusher is the next. Ask for poor old Katherine Pulaski she will always and unfortunately the poorly regarded.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Marvelous TNG Officers

On this week's Episode 25: Marvel-Lust, I rank The Avengers heroes according to their eligibility. So I thought I would post a similar list ranking the gentlemen of the Enterprise D. Once again I will start from the bottom of the list:
Deanna Troi did an excellent job of working her way up the list, although she did not get very far. It is a difficult thing to do but I'm afraid I have to put Commander Riker at the bottom of the list. Although he is very tall, handsome, and intelligent,  Riker is clearly lacking in ambition. He is always willing just to play the second banana to Captain Picard even though he is clearly capable of command. While I can understand his desire to serve under such a great mentor, eventually he should have spread his wings. Plus Will Riker seems to have just a little too much interest in the ladies. I'm not sure you can trust him to be loyal.

The next Hunk on our list was Deanna's second boyfriend on the show, the overly domesticated Klingon Worf. Poor Worf! I'm not quite sure how he keeps his job. No one ever listens to him! Although he is the very definition of a noble warrior, he still hasn't quite figured out how to be a Klingon in the homo sapiens-only club of the Federation. Also, he is just a little bit judgmental when it comes to "weak" human women. And he is incredibly impatient! Whenever he is asked to hail another ship, he gives them exactly 0.02 seconds to respond before he declares, "No response. Let's kill them!" Considering I don't always answer my phone on the first ring, that doesn't seem to bode well for our relationship. 

Next on the list is Geordi LaForge. Geordi is a very handsome, inventive, intelligent and creative fellow, but he doesn't seem to have very much interest in having a relationship. I mean, beyond holograms. He is far too much in love with his ship to make it all the way to the top of my list. 

Number two on my list is data. He is strong, he is smart and, according to Tasha Yar, he is anatomically correct. This in combination with his vast wealth of knowledge and access to information from every culture would make for a very interesting relationship, if you get what I mean. He is a scientist, poet, musician, actor. In fact, there is no experience that he won't try. I like that adventurous gung-ho interest in everything. Plus he is indestructible and he has no feelings so he can't get angry or disappointed, and there would be far less drama than in other relationships. However, I'm afraid he can't make it to the top of my list because, well, he has a cat, and I am just not a cat person. Sorry Spot. 

By Derek Springer from Los Angeles, CA, USA:
Cdt. Patrick Caughey[1] derivative work,
via Wikimedia Commons
Before we talk about the number one choice, which I'm sure you have already figured out, I want to give a special shout out to Reg Barclay. There's just something about him that is irresistible. And O'Brien also seems like a pretty nice dad and father. But undoubtedly the number one most eligible man on the Enterprise D is Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He is the ultimate diplomat and is usually very even-tempered, despite breaking his little ships in First Contact. He is very intelligent, very patient, very intuitive, and he is not afraid to have a relationship even in difficult situations. Any woman would be proud to call herself Mrs. Picard.

--First Officer Cheryl, Stardate 2016.02.16