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Episode 53: Human Legion - download now 
Ed reviews the latest on the AMC hit shows Humans and Marvel/FX's Legion.

Episode 25: Marvel-Lust | download now
A ranking according to hotness of The Avengers | Review/Preview: Marvel's Agent Carter | Review/Preview: Deadpool

Episode 24: Superhero Showdown | download now

Episode 23: Geeky Concepts and Conspiracies | download now

Episode 22: Take That Jonas | download now

Episode 21: Half Blood Files | download now

Episode 20: CES 2016 and Beyond | download now
The best cool stuff from the Consumer Electronics Show | Geekcation: Disney Star Wars destinations

Episode 19: Geek Preview 2016 | download now
Films, shows and more to look forward to in 2016

Episode 18: Geek Review 2015 | download now
The best and the worst of geek culture in 2015

Episode 17: The Force Unmasked | download now
A full review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Episode 16: Spoiler Free Star Wars | download now
A spoiler free review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Episode 15: Geek Apocalypse | download now
Holiday gifts for geeks | Review/Preview: X-Men Apocalypse trailer

Episode 14:  Freestylin' Geeks | download now
Cheryl quizzes Ed about random geek things.

Episode 13: El Capitan Frankenstein | download now
Latinos in geek culture | Review/Preview: Captain America Civil War trailer | Review/Preview: Victor Frankenstein

Episode 12: Creative Force | download now
An exploration of the creative process for artists, designers, podcasters, etc.

Episode 11: Vive French Geeks | download now
An exploration of Geek culture in France, including Asterix and Obelix | Review/Preview: The 2015 holiday movie releases

Episode 10: License to Thrill download now
Top 10 James Bond movie picks

Episode 9: Geek Girls Assemble | download now 
Special Guest Lauren Warren of Black Girl Nerds discusses the rise of women in geek culture | Preview/Review: Supergirl

Episode 8: Horror Film Favorites | download now 
Guests Jerry & Amy share their favorite horror movies

Episode 7: Franken-Geek | download now 
Tribute to the shooting victims of ZombiCon 2015 | Frankenstein

Episode 6: Drivin' & Connin' | download now 
New York Comic Con 2015 | Geekation: Hollywood Star Cars Museum

Episode 5: Martian Maniax | download now
Top Martian/alien invasion movies | Review/Preview: The Martian | Review/Preview: Gotham

Episode 4: Heroes and Villains | download now
Heroes Reborn stakes its claim | Countdown: Star Wars The Force Awakens, Vader/Anakin rumors and looking forward to future releases

Episode 3: On Top of the World | download now
Get ready for the geekiest season of Fall TV ever. | Review/Preview: Everest | Featuring guests Cheryl and Jerry

Episode 2: Hot Summer Fun | download now
Which movies were hits this summer and which ones are we glad we missed? | Away Team Report: DragonCon 2015 | Featuring guests Amanda and Cheryl

Episode 1: The Podcast Awakens | download now
Must adaptations be faithful to the source material? | Review/Preview: Fear The Walking Dead | Countdown: Star Wars The Force Awakens, the merchandise | Featuring guests Cheryl and Digital Cavemann

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