Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Very Geeky Star Wars Christmas

 This Christmas season was very special for me as a life-long Star Wars fan. With the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens in theaters, and the historic success of the film, I thought I would share some of my Star Wars swag I got for Christmas. Here is the big haul:
The Force was with me!
   Here are the individual items...
These are some snazzy Star Wars Christmas tree ornaments.

This glassware set reminds me of the original Empire Strikes Back glass I had back in 1983 that Burger King was giving away when you bought some food. I loved that glass, and can remember begging my parents to take me to Burger King as often as they could so I could collect all of them. Unfortunately, I only remember getting one glass. I think it was Luke Skywalker.

A very cool Santa's Cap, Star Wars style.
Blue Star Wars Santa's Cap!

Hey, how did Captain America get in the middle of my Star Wars  Christmas pictures? I got this cool action figure for Christmas also. This will have to tide me over until Captain America Civil Wars comes out in May.

This photo was taken with the flash on. Cool.

This is a candy dispenser lightsaber. Look betters, in this picture, without using my phone camera flash. It looks more sinister.

A couple of packs of Star Wars figures.

Everyone always gives me Pez-related Star Wars stuff. I never open the packaging or eat the Pez.

BB8 and Vader

Everyone needs bubbles. Star Wars bubbles.

Everyone needs water. Star Wars water is especially cool on Jakku (or Tatooine).

BB8 and C3PO.

I got this cool Darth Vader case that can hold many action figures.

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