Friday, December 18, 2015

Guest Review: Star Wars The Force Awakens

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet seen the movie, do not read any further or you will see details that will spoil certain parts of the movie, including one of the most important moments of the film. STOP READING. You have been warned. (You can listen to our spoiler-free review on the podcast: Download Episode 16)

We always enjoy hearing the comments and opinions of our friends and fans! In this case, we actually saw Gaby LaRosa at the same theater for the Thursday night shows. In fact, she saw the film 30 minutes earlier than we did. We asked for her thoughts on the movie and decided to share them with all of you, too. (If you would like to submit a review, please comment on the blog, Tweet us @geekhomeworld, message us on Facebook or send an email to

I hope you ended up enjoying the movie! I surely did... even my friends who didn't know much about the series were thoroughly entertained and their kids were as excited and captured by the world as we were as kids... which was awesome.
Daisy Ridley as Rey was remarkable. She reminded me so much of Kiera Knightley. I can say, without hyperbole, that she is the exact female protagonist I love seeing on the big screen. I eagerly awaited her scenes, with her natural, unsexualized beauty, brains, and unapologetic confidence that should never be considered unique or exceptional. Every trope shot down - no femme noir, no princess, no damsel.
John Boyega was adorable as Finn. Never has a stormtrooper pulled at my heart strings, from the beginning when we see him kneel down and freeze up seeing the Order take out the innocent, to seeing him stand up to Captain Phasma, his hilarious claims, his genuine concern for Rey, Poe, BB8. He smashed it. 
Maz Kanata was reminiscent of Edna from the Incredibles. My friends said she looked like a dried up pumpkin but I disagreed, I thought she was awesome. Along with the rest of the CGI, seamless matte painting...I'd expect no less from Lucasfilms.. esspecially now that they're working with Disney.
Han Solo was, unbelievably, my least favorite part of the movie. I was bored by his action parts (with the exception of those involving Leia...she looked great!). In truth, I am angry that he so naively approached his dangerous son on that bridge and let him get so close. Did he really trust it would be that easy? It couldn't have really gone any other way... I guess the moment was pivotal in creating an uproar and really getting us to hate Kylo Ren. I was on the fence about how truly bad he was because the film used his temper tantrums to make us laugh. I didn't really feel threatened by him until he turned against Han Solo. Then, I felt confused and hurt, angry, and I'm glad Rey slashed his face. It'll leave a fun facial scar we can use to recognize him in VIII. Though, it was hard to believe (even while hurt) he'd draw in the final fight with a untrained Rey the first time she uses the light saber. Then again, she might be the daughter/Jedi/prodigy of Luke himself, soooo...

-- Geek Homeworlder Gaby LaRosa.

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