Sunday, November 29, 2015

La Reina of Geek Culture

On this week's episode (Episode 13: El Capitan Frankenstein), inspired by Ricardo Montalban's 95th birthday, I talk about the doors he opened for other Latino actors and explore some of the more prolific Latino actors and directors in the realm of geek film and television. As I worked through this list, it became incredibly clear to me that there is one who currently stands above all others.

And that is why I am proclaiming Zoe Saldana the Queen (La Reina) of Geek Culture. Not only has she been wildly successful as a film actress, appearing in 35 films in the last 15 year, but she plays key roles in three major geek-worthy franchises. Since 2009, she has taken the role of Uhuru in the Star Trek reboot, Neytiri in Avatar, and Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy. She just wrapped principal photography on her third Star Trek and next year she will appear in the sequels for both Avatar and Guardians. So, she has been blue, she has been green, and she has been kissed by Spock. How many others can say that?

 And, she has managed to do it all while starting a family in her personal life. Somehow she worked in a pregnancy with twins despite her busy shooting schedule, which may make her some kind of wonder woman. Plus, she isn't afraid to rush to the Sid of others as she did when she came upon an elderly woman who was injured in a car crash.

 Born in New Jersey to a Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother, she grew up bilingual, first in New York and then in the Dominican Republic. She lays proud claim to her Latina and African-American heritage, and is raising her twin boys to also speak both English and Spanish. Since her husband is Italian, I'm sure they will learn that language too. Perhaps most importantly for our purposes, she is a self-proclaimed geek.

 So, Zoe Saldana, thanks for representing us so well!

 -- First Officer Cheryl, Stardate 2015.333

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